Starting October 3rd, 2018

CanSkate A

Wednesdays and/or Fridays 5:50pm-6:20pm

The CanSkate A program is a positive first learn to skate experience.  It is a program for two to five year olds emphasizing participation and FUN.

Canskate A – Full Season (October – April)
Wednesday Only – $250.00            Friday Only – $235.00            Wednesday & Friday – $300.00

CanSkate A can be divided into two sessions.

Session One runs October 3 – January 18     (14 weeks)
Wednesday Only – $125.00            Friday Only – $125.00            Wednesday & Friday – $225.00

Session Two runs January 23 – April 24     (14 weeks)
Wednesday Only – $125.00        Friday Only – $110.00 (12 skates)   Wednesday & Friday – $225.00

CanSkate B    

Wednesday and/or Fridays 5:30pm-6:20pm

The CanSkate B program is a learn to skate program teaching the basics of skating with participation at the skaters own level of interest.  It is based on small number group instruction for skaters working on CanSkate Stages 1-5.

Canskate B – Full Season (October – April)
Wednesday Only – $380.00            Friday Only – $350.00            Wednesday & Friday – $515.00


Starting October 1st, 2018

Junior /Badge Program

Skaters will be working on CanSkate Stage 6 and Star 1 Freeskate, Star 1Skills and Star 1 and 2a Dance. This session includes group instruction.  This session is geared to skaters who show an interest in pursuing the sport of figure skating and possibly trying Skate Canada Tests and participating in recreational competitions.

Mondays/Thursdays 5:50pm-6:40pm
Mondays/Thursdays with Dance 5:30pm-6:40pm

Monday Only – $360.00            Monday with Dance – $400.00
Thursday Only – $400.00          Thursday with Dance – $450.00
Monday & Thursday – $515.00
Monday & Thursday with Dance – $600.00

Intermediate Program

Skaters will have passed their Dutch Waltz dance (2a), and have passed their Star 1 Skills and Star 1 Freeskate. This session includes limited group instruction so skaters should be under the direction of a private coach.  

*Note:  Any skater that was an Intermediate in 2017/2018 will still qualify as an Intermediate.

Mondays (On ice) 5:30pm-7:00pm Off Ice: 7:10pm-7:40pm
Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm

Monday – $425.00
Thursday – $460.00
Monday & Thursday – $675.00

Senior Program

Skaters will have passed Star 3 Skills, One part of Star 3 Freeskate (3a Elements or 3b Solo) and their Star 5a Dance (Willow Waltz). Skaters will have a private coach to skate at this level.

*Note:  Any skater that qualified for the FULL Senior session in 2017/2018 will still qualify as a Senior.

Mondays (On ice) 7:10pm-8:50pm Off Ice: 6:30pm-7:00pm
Thursdays 7:10pm-8:50pm

Monday – $540.00
Thursday – $550.00
Monday & Thursday – $850.00

September Rates  (Held in Thamesford)

Zorra Club Members
Junior – $70.00,     Junior with Dance – $80.00,     Intermediate – $90.00,     Senior – $110.00

Non-Zorra Members
Junior – $90.00,     Junior with Dance – $100.00,     Intermediate – $115.00,     Senior – $140.00



Offers opportunities for adult skaters of all levels to develop skating and figure skating skills.  Skaters may wish to continue testing fundamental skills acquired from earlier skating experience, or simply learn to skate.  This program is geared towards adults that enjoy skating as a recreational sport.

Times will vary depending on level of skater, please contact us if interested in the AdultSkate program.